The Victory Challenge

Charities Supported

The Victory Challenge team has committed to donate a portion of proceeds to local organizations as well as the Marine Corps Veterans Association and Law Enforcement United Team Minnesota. 

As founders, Victor Straw and Matt O'Hara, are proud supporters of these two prestigious organizations that defend our country's safety on a daily basis.

Life is full of Challenges...

this one happens to be fun

The Victory Challenge is one fun and challenging 5K outdoor adventure race.  

The race consists of running or jogging 5K of challenging terrain covered with a boatload of obstacles to conquer and maneuver over, under, around or through.

This is fun race for anyone and everyone.  It doesn't matter your current fitness level - you will be challenged whether you are a beginner or advanced fitness enthusiast.  
Created by a former U.S. Marine and a Police Officer this makes for a competitive race where your competition is yourself.  Through challenging terrain and obstacles you will have to reach down deep to see if you have what it takes to conquer this obstacle course.  When you do you will arrive at your VICTORY!