The Victory Challenge


Look to conquer these and more

Post Up -  Walk on sunken posts with only a rope to balance you

Torture Tires -  Single, Double & Triple stacked tires test your balance, coordination and determination

Wrecking Wall - Use your upper body to pull yourself up this slippery wall.

Monkey Steps - This obstacle is like Monkey Bars but we use ropes instead.  Oh will be walking on ropes too so you be careful not to go too fast because one little slip and down you go.

Climbing Canyon - Work your way up this canyon until you reach the platform.  Once on the platform swing down to the ground.

Reverse Rappel - Climb back down steep hill using ropes

High Hurdles - Multiple hurdle walls

Window Pass - Climb through windows high and low

Low Crawl - Stay low through tunnel or netting

Net Wall - Climb a net wall

Balance Beams - Traverse multiple balance beams of different heights

Quicksand Pile - Climb a large sand pile

Tire Carry - Carry 1(2) tires 100 yards

Log Hurdles - Jump or climb over logs and fallen trees across your path

Rope Bridge - Shimmy sideways on a rope while holding a rope above for balance

Please note: Not all obstacles are at both locations.

And more new surprises this year...